Supply List

SUGGESTED Supplies for Erin Callahan Blum’s Watercolor Classes & Workshops

Watercolor Brushes in similar sizes to these:

1” flat synthetic (EX: Robert Simmons 755 goes on sale for $11.00)

#12 round synthetic

#8 round synthetic 

#4 round synthetic

Try to have at least 2 rounds and definitely 1” flat brush.

Optional: 1 ½”-3” wide flat brush for washes on large paper if you plan on painting large Optional: Rigor brush

Paints: If you want, just make sure to have at least 3 primary colors, and Burnt Sienna. If you have other blues, yellows & reds already, you may use them instead. The top group is what I recommend if you don’t have paints already. The second group is other colors I enjoy using.

You will NOT need black or white! Winsor Newton makes professional grade paint and a student grade called Cotman. Other brands are fine. The smaller 7-8ml tubes are fine.

Permanent Rose

Rose Madder Genuine

Transparent Yellow

Cobalt Blue

Thalo Blue 

Burnt Sienna

Cadmium Red Light or Deep

Alizarin Crimson 

Quinacridone Gold OR Gamboge Genuine

Prussian Blue

Ultramarine Blue 

Burnt Umber

Optional, because greens can be mixed with yellow & blue: Viridian OR Sap Green

Cerulean Blue

Paper: I get my best results on the following brand paper (Arches):

Aquarelle Arches 140# Cold Pressed Watercolor Block, has a SOLID GREEN COVER, 12” X 16” (about $30. in one of the catalogs below, often $50. at a store: hint, find a store coupon)

or, 140# Arches, cold pressed paper (you can get 4-6 paintings from two 22” x 30” sheets! You can also turn them over for yet more paintings! Also available in 16” x 20” sheet packs.

Non porous board to tape paper onto: such as varnished Masonite, Plexiglass, or Formica. Cut a little larger than your desired paper size, enough for masking tape on all 4 sides.

Palette: Large (WATERCOLOR specified) with flat mixing area. A porcelain plate or enameled refrigerator tray will do! If it does not have a cover, slip it in a container or box. A small palette is nice as an extra, but should have FLAT areas to mix paint. 

Photo/s to work from that is your own or you have permission to use. Sometimes I will have extra of mine. A couple people bring their “tablet” to work from. Or, google in “copyright free images of ______”.

Paper to draw on: any kind, nice to have some the size of your watercolor paper.

Tracing paper

#2 pencils or other drawing pencils if you have them

Two 12” rulers

Masking tape

Plastic water containers, such as plastic cottage cheese or yogurt 

Paper towel &/or Kleenex

Kitchen sponge &/or natural sponge (nothing abrasive)


Carry cases (travel suitcase on wheels or over the shoulder bags. Anything that does the job for you! 

Masking supplies: Masking Fluid

Crepe Rubber Cement Pick Up 

old brush or cheap kid’s brush, toothpicks for details 

tiny container of liquid soap or small bar of soap

Color Wheel (small watercolor wheel)

Where to find art supplies:

Michaels (coupons found on-line)

Hobby Lobby 

Blick Art Supplies, 2321 N Murray Ave, or 242 E Menomonee St., Milwaukee, WI

I sometimes order from: Blick, 800 828-4548,, Cheap Joe’s, 800-227-2788,, or ASW, 800-995-6778, There are many other sites and stores not listed.

Everyday items can be found at a hardware, lumber or retail store.